Our pharmacists have received extensive additional training in compounding techniques and have a support network that generates constant change of ideas and innovations.

We welcome all of your questions!

The ideal preparation may need to contain several ingredients to treat a variety of symptoms. We can compound the needed concentrations of all necessary medications into a single base - an economical and easy solution to use.


Manufacturers will often stop producing medicines and dosage forms which are unprofitable to market due to low demand. Healthwise Pharmacy recognizes the need for such products. We can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade, standardized chemicals and extracts, and from them compound specific, individualized dosage forms that may even be superior to the discontinued formulation.

Don't care for the taste of your prescribed medication? Healthwise offers flavored dosage forms. With several flavors to choose from, wellness is not a chore. We even offer liver and fish... for your pets and other animals, that is.

Therapeutic Solutions Vital Care, a division of Healthwise Pharmacy, has provided compounded medications for its patients since 1998.  With the addition of a sterile compounding room, the lab will now make the drugs to be administered in the home of a patient.  Our pharmacists and technicians will be able to mix IV medications for:

·  Hydration Therapy

·  Total Parental Nutrition  

·  Enteral Nutrition 

·  Chemotherapy  

·  Immunoglobulin Therapy

·  Hemophilia Medications 

·  Pain Management 

Our pharmacist, Marcie Parker, PharmD, RPh, MBA will set up and deliver the medication and work closely with a home healthcare agency to provide patients with individualized and personal care.

Vital Care
Pharmacists and technicians of Therapeutic Solutions Vital Care have received extensive training for home infusion both in the classroom and in the lab to be able to provide this service to our patients.  Healthwise Pharmacy will also be able to provide continuing education to Registered Nurses in a wide variety of programs.  Therapeutic Solutions Vital Care will be able to accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and all third party insurances that cover home infusion services.


Animal Care Problems?
We can offering special dosage forms which meet the needs of every individual and animals! Pets, rare animals or livestock will benefit from the preparations that are most appropriate for each species - from oral liquids to suppositories, from ear drops to dusting powders. We don't practice veterinary medicine, however, we do help veterinarians and animal care specialists solve a variety of animal care problems. We can compound numerous dosage forms that are just right for specific animals. The active ingredients can usually be gastrointestinal distress, then transdermal absorption, (using a specially compounded cream, gel, or ointment) and is often preferable to oral administration.